The Last Voyage, the Last Goodbyes
(6.5 x 4.5in.) $25.00; 2 Giclee sizes available: (19 x 13 in.) $70.00 and (20 x 14 in.) $100.00

The 729' S/S Edmund Fitzgerald is outbound from Burlington Northern Dock #1 in Superior, WI with a destination of Great Lakes Steel Co. on Zug Island in the Detroit River, a destination it will never reach. Within 36 hours, the Oglebay Norton vessel will be fighting for it's life against the 35' waves of Lake Superior, a struggle it and it's crew of 29 men will lose. 1st IN A SERIES: A Tribute to November 9-10, 1975. See also The Survivor.

(6.5 x 4.5 in.) $25.00
(19 x 13 in.) $70.00
(20x14 in.) $100.00