Tough Trip
(13x9 in.) $45

An ominous ice cloud hangs over the comparatively warmer water and steam rises to meet the frigid air. It is a bitterly cold, -18 below zero January 9, 1999 as the 858' M/V Roger Blough of the U.S. Steel Great Lakes Fleet prepares to lay up for the winter at the St. Lawrence Cement Dock in Duluth, MN. Severe winds pushed the wind chill down to nearly -50 below as the Blough struggled across a turbulent Lake Superior, clearly evident in the 3'-4' thick ice accumulations on the self-unloading vessel. The tug North Dakota of Great Lakes Towing Co. is keeping the Blough's stern up against the dock as the ore carrier pumps out ballast water and is secured to the dock.

(13x9 in.) $45.00

Pkg. of 6 Christmas cards/envelopes $18.00 (5 x 7 in.)